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Improving Your Bone Health To Feel Invigorated

Bone health is an important aspect of good health. It contributes to one’s body structure, stamina, muscle strength and endurance. In recent times, we have witnessed increasing number of cases reporting Osteoporosis and acute Calcium deficiencies. Vitamin D deficiency is as common as a sneeze! The statistics are alarming in the urban cities. Modern lifestyle is one of the major causes of poor bone health. A lifestyle that includes too much of packaged foods, device dependence, stress and desk or sitting jobs can harm the skeletal structure in several ways.

Women are more susceptible to Osteoporosis, Calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies owing to lower bone mass compared to men. Post menopause, diminishing levels of the hormone oestrogen (one that helps calcium absorption) results in lowering the bone health density.

An inactive lifestyle, cigarette smoking, excessive caffeine, alcohol consumption and multiple pregnancies are also some major causes of lower calcium absorption. In addition to these, chronic diseases and hormonal imbalances can weaken the body.

Precaution is better than cure. One can avoid medicines and therapies if preventive measures are taken from an early age. Prevention starts with self-care by ensuring regular exercising and a proper diet. If you have developed bone issues, you don’t have to live with it. There are many ways in which you can help prevent your bones from getting any weaker! Here are few great ways in which one can strengthen bone health and avoid major deficiencies, keeping Osteoporosis at bay.

1. Get Ample Calcium And Vitamin D

It is important to include at least one source of calcium in every meal. The bare necessary calcium levels vary for each one of us. Children need approximately 500-600 mg/day while adults need around 400 mg/day. This can be covered by calcium rich foods and supplements.

Now a days, we are indoors most of the time. Also, the exposure to AC and artificial light has multiplied compared to the past. This has caused major Vitamin D deficiencies, especially in young adults. The body cannot absorb calcium food or supplements without enough Vitamin D. Vitamin D is not only important for good bone health but also to fight against depression and muscle pain. The body naturally produces Vitamin D when exposed to the UV rays. Early morning walks are known to boost Vitamin D levels. Indulging in outdoor activities is definitely the key!

2. Maintain Your Posture

Over exposure to digital devices is seriously harmful to the body posture and can weaken muscles, thus weakening the bone health. Carpel Tunnel syndrome and text neck are major concerns with Orthopedics all over the world. A good posture involves keeping the chin in, head held high, pulling the shoulders back, keeping the chest open, upper back flat and lower spine arched. This takes off the stress from the spine, keeping the blood flow and muscle health around in check. Also, ignoring any sort of chronic pain can affect mobility and cause more pain.

Wearing low- heeled shoes with non-slip soles is important to develop a good posture. We can care for our posture by ensuring that we are using the right pillows and chairs apt for our body structure as well.

3. Exercise Regularly

Regular exercising is the most well-known remedy for most of the health issues, yet widely undone! It is said that those who start working out early in life and are active through their mid-age, have a healthy old age. Exercise strengthens muscle and improves blood flow, thus taking care of bone health. Exercising for a minimum 40 minutes per day is known to reverse lifestyle damages. Combine strength training exercises with weight bearing ones like walking, jogging, running and stair climbing to develop strength and endurance.

There is a lot of external help that you can get to care of your posture and bone health too. Advanced therapies and supplements aid healing and strengthening. One can consult the physician and take Calcium and Vitamin D supplements, calcitonin tablets and biphosphates to feel stronger.

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