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Skin whitening tips & fairness tips

Since people are constantly looking for ways to look beautiful that too without side effects, the homemade shin whitening tips play an important role. If you have been overlooking the remedies provided by your grandmother at home, this is the time to give a second thought to it.

The experts dealing with Ayurveda also speak about the effectiveness of home remedies as the remedies made up of herbs and harmless ingredients that are available on your homework well without making your skin suffer with cosmetic effects. Let us find out some natural homemade whitening tips today to become fairer.

If you are willing to get beautiful and fair skin tone, the best way will be to avail the natural remedy. You can get a variety of skin care products in the market that will give you extraordinary fairness. But, the homemade tips will be really wonderful. The popular skin whitening ingredients must be taken together and jotted down in a place.

The darkness over the skin layer during the summer is due to deposit of melanin in your skin layer. The layer of darkness will be more if the production of melanin is more in your skin layer. This article will speak about some of the skin whitening tips at home.

Say no to chemicals
A whitened skin tone is a desire of every woman. Who doesn’t want to flaunt that white skin tone to gain attraction? A fairer skin is certainly an impossible task to achieve and so we are flowing in the breeze of market trends, where the more you will spend, the most effective whitening cream you will get. But the chemical content in these fairness creams is way high which damages the skin natural glow after some time. A worthy effect is what we look for but not at the cost of any skin damage.

Adopt harmless natural remedies
Natural remedies are beyond any harm and the ingredients are often available at our home. In summer weather, when the harshness of sun damages skin tone and darken our skin color, then we are forced to adapt these expensive beauty creams to withstand the effect of the sun. It has been found that people in the east are more attracted towards spending several bucks for the fairness creams to achieve that everlasting whitened skin tone. The products available in the market consist of bleach, aloe Vera and lemon extracts which leads to the reduced production of melanin in the body and induces fairness of the skin. But the products are quite expensive and so we can easily land up to homemade secrets.

Homemade fairness tips are as follows
DIY scrubs for skin lightening
Instant fairness tips

Face and body scrubs can help to exfoliate the skin and get rid of the buildup of any deep-seated dirt and grime on the skin as well as unclog pores to give you smoother, fairer look. These can help to lighten the skin by getting rid of the dead skin cells and revealing the fairer healthier skin underneath. Here are some recipes to make your own face or body scrub at home.

Sugar scrub with lemon/orange
With glycolic acid, sugar can help to exfoliate skin, remove dead skin cells and help boost regeneration of new skin cells. Lemon or orange provides anti-tanning properties and lightens skin tone. Wash your skin and massage your skin with a mixture of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice or orange juice in a circular motion. Wash off after 10 minutes.

Oatmeal scrub
Oatmeal scrubs not only exfoliate the skin but also is great for dry and itchy skin as it cleanses the skin without stripping it dry. Add water and oatmeal in a bowl and mix to make a paste, apply on your face with circular motions, leave on for 10 minutes, massage again and wash the face for fairer, glowing skin instantly.

Almond scrub
We have already discussed the benefits of almonds, however, due to the gritty texture; almonds can be an excellent and gentle scrub for your body or face. Grind a handful of almonds into a powder, mix with water and apply on cleansed face in circular motions. Leave on for 10 minutes, massage and wash off with lukewarm water.

Coffee and sugar scrub
Coffee is full of antioxidants and can help keep cellulite at bay while the sugar exfoliates skin and olive oil nourishes it. Combine 1/4th cup coffee grounds, ¼ cup sugar & 2tbsp olive oil, combine to a coarse paste, apply on cleansed skin, massage in and wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat 2-3 times a week for glowing skin.

Honey and almond face mask for skin whitening
This is the best way to improve fairness. Honey and almond possess great results in lightening the skin and providing proper moisturizing. Honey and almond altogether are impactful skin lightening homemade assets. You can easily make this skin whitening mask by mixing a tablespoon of milk powder, 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of lemon juice along with 1/2 tsp of almond oil, then apply it gently on the skin with a good 10-15 minutes.

How to improve skin fairness with tomato & oatmeal
Face washes for fairness

The tomato is one of the renowned skin lightening agents. A mix of oatmeal, tomato and yogurt when applied on the face can lighten up your skin and removes the tan. This is great when you have sunburns. To make this pack, you require a ripe tomato and two spoons of oatmeal. Take a bowl and pour a spoon of oatmeal in it. Now add the tomato juice from a single tomato. Allow it to stay till the oats become smooth. Now apply the pack over your face, keep for 10 minutes and then wash with cold water.

Milk & lemon juice to improve skin complexion
It is one of the effective skin lightening remedy which is competent in removing the tan on your skin and lighten darken skin tone to a great level. Mix a tsp of gram flour with 2 tsp of raw milk and 2-3 drops of lime juice. Apply the mixture for 15 minutes before washing. After washing your face, you can easily draw a difference between the your two faces before and after application of face pack. Continue this for a couple of weeks to improve skin complexion.

Potato slices for skin lightening
Sliced potatoes or grated when applied helps in skin lightening. It is one of the great agents in whitening skin, and is highly beneficial in removing dark spots and blemishes. The clear face without any marks is the desire of every lady. You can now cut potato after peeling it and rub it over your face so that the juices are absorbed by your skin. Alternatively, you can mash the potato and apply the pulp over your face. Once it is dry, wash it with warm water. The clear face without any marks is the desire of some women and so the remedies in the natural way are more impactful.

Yogurt for fairness
This is a product that is made of milk and hence completely safe. Lactic acid in this food product has got ability to lighten the skin tone. Apply this on your skin and leave it for some time. Then rinse it with water. If you can use this for two times daily – you will notice the change in your skin tone. You can also mix yogurt with honey and anoint your face and neck. This will improve your skin tone and moisturize your skin. Your skin will look fresh and young.

Oranges to improve skin whiteness
Vitamin C is important for your skin. Oranges contain the vitamin C in it in good quantity. It is a citrus fruit and contains skin lightening properties too. Mix orange juice with a pinch of turmeric and make a paste. Apply this on your face and exposed part of the neck. Leave it overnight and then in the morning rinse off. You can also use the peel of the fruit and powder it. Mix this powder with yogurt and apply on your body and face. Wait till this is dry. Rinse it off and take a shower. Regular use will whiten & brightens your skin naturally.

Aloe vera gel for skin brightness
This has got properties for alleviating hyper pigmentation and can give you back the lighter tone of your skin. The gel also helps in repairing the damaged cells of the skin and improves the condition of your skin. Take the gel from the leaf and smear it on your body. Leave for 30 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. This will help in keeping your skin healthy and give you a lighter tone in a natural way.

Tips for skin bleaching
Fairness soaps

These skin lightening packs are good for keeping your skin tone lighter. You can also use some tips that are good for bleaching your skin. This can make your skin look whiter naturally. You must use the proper sunscreen after using these bleaching agents. Avoid using these agents around the eye area. Never use the agents in higher concentration other than that is recommended. Misusing these will harm the skin tone for a longer time period. Some natural bleaching agents are:

Cucumber with lemon juice
Lemon juice and cucumber juice mixed with a small quantity of turmeric powder will lighten your skin to a great level. For this you just need two spoon of cucumber pulp along with 1 spoon of lemon juice freshly squeezed. Also add a pinch of turmeric to it. Apply it over your skin and see your black color hair gets converted into red color with bleach.

Tomato with sandalwood powder
You need to take a spoon of Sandalwood powder, 2 spoon of cucumber juice, one spoon of tomato juice and lemon juice. Mix them and apply over your face where you have black color hair growth. Apply it twice in a week to get natural bleach. It will improve your skin fairness naturally without any harm.

How to bleach your skin with milk and dried orange peels?
Take out the peel of a small orange and let it dry in the sun for 3-4 days. Once it is totally dry, get it in a grinder and make powder out of it. Now take a bowl and add a spoon of orange peel and the same quantity of milk in it. Combine both of them well and apply it over your face. Keep for 15 minutes and wash to get bleaching effect.

Pineapple and fresh milk
Fairness scrubs

Cut some pieces of pineapple after peeling its skin and put it in a fruit Juicer to make a pulp of it. Now put that pulp in a small bowl and add a spoon of fresh milk. Also add a spoon of coconut milk in it. Mix them and apply it over your face covering all portions. Wash after 10 minutes and get golden glow.

Almond and honey acts as a bleaching agent
This is another wonderful bleaching agent that will make your face beautifully glowing. Most of the people consume fresh almond early in the morning due to which it is very well available. You need to soak almond overnight and grind it with honey. Allow the paste to spread over your skin. Let it dry and wash with water.

Natural bleach for fairer skin
These are some of the natural bleach that can be used on your skin. You must use them twice in a week. These will bring the desired effect on your skin, but it will take more time than the chemical bleaches. The necessary steps to be undertaken to attain a glowing and a whitened skin is all through your efforts. The expensive products, making a hold on your pocket need to be curbed by the powerful effect of natural remedies. Moreover the precautions at your end are striking to achieve that admirable skin tone. Avoid exposure to sunlight, such that you can protect your skin color from damaging. Drink plenty of water. Base your diet on various fruits and vegetables to get that extra glow and skin tone improvement.

Home made skin whitening tips with long lasting effect
Milk & honey pack for skin lightening
Fairness tips for dry skin

This is one of the most common but effective technique of removing the darkness of your skin and making you look brighter and gorgeous. Along with the task of cleaning through honey, your skin also get totally moisturized with honey. For this you would require 1 teaspoon of raw milk and 1 teaspoon of honey. You have to make a solution with both the ingredients and slowly apply it over your face. After applying it, you have to massage your face for exactly two minutes. Do this in a soft and circular way to enjoy its benefit.

Banana with almond oil pack
Since Banana is rich in vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, production of collagen in your skin can be effectively improved with its application. This is also a remedy for your darker skin tone in a cost effective way. The combination of banana and an almond oil works really well when you are willing to bring out the fairness on your skin. You can also get wider improvement in your overall skin health with the help of almond oil. You can also stay away from all types of skin infection with the help of its anti inflammatory properties. Smash a ripe banana and add a teaspoon of almond oil in it. Mix it and apply over your face. This will give you an effective health benefit.

Gram flour and turmeric pack for skin glow
For years gram flour has been an effective remedy for treating dark spots on your skin layer. Turmeric is an antiseptic herb which is used as one of the spices in your kitchen. Even this spice holds an important place in the celebration of auspicious Hindu ceremonies. This particular pack is applied over the pre wedding bride on the day of the ceremony as it removes impurities from the skin layer naturally along with its antiseptic properties. To make this pack, you would require a teaspoon of turmeric powder as well as the same quantity of gram flour. Mix it and apply over your face. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash with Luke warm water. When you continue this for a week, you can see your skin lightens magically.

Cream and walnut face pack
Fairness tips for oily skin

The natural nut named as the walnut is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin B as well as vitamin E which are really effective in the way of improving the overall health. The damage caused by free radicals can be treated with the face pack of walnut face pack as well as cream. Sometimes your face becomes too much dryness and ineffective due to wrinkles and fine lines over it. The combination of walnut face pack as well as cream will be a wonder in this regard. You have to take 4-5 walnuts and make a thick paste of it. Now add 1 tablespoon of milk, cream over it. Apply it over your face and move it in a circular motion. Do this for 5 minutes and wash away with water. This skin fairness face pack will moisturize your skin and lightens it.

How to get fair skin at home with papaya face pack
You can now get a papaya from the market and use certain portions of it in making a face pack. Since it includes a wonderful enzyme named as Papain that is really effective in skin renewal activity, apply it on your skin can easily help you in rejuvenating your skin tone. You also get vitamin A, C and E with the help of this papaya face pack. For this, you would require a half cup of papaya and one teaspoon of honey. Mix mashed papaya and honey together to make a thick paste. Apply this over your face and neck. Keep this for 20 minutes and wash it with water. This is the best remedy for whitening the dark/tanned skin.

Chamomile tea face pack
Even Chamomile tea acts as a wonderful remedy to get fair and attractive skin tone. For this, you would require the ingredients like Chamomile tea- 1 teaspoon, Almond oil – 2 drops, oatmeal powder – 1 tablespoon and honey – 2 tablespoon.

Take a small container and add a spoon of chamomile tea, 2 tsp of honey and 2 drops of almond oil. Mix them all together and apply it over your face and keep for 10-15 minutes. Then you can wash and see a difference in your face.

Watermelon and cucumber

Best fairness creams

In order to make this face pack, all you need are watermelon juice – 2 tablespoon, cucumber juice – 2 tbsp, yogurt – 1 tsp, milk powder – 1 tsp.

Take a bowl and add the above mentioned ingredients one after another. Mix them and apply it over your face. Watermelon is a lovely ingredient that will help clearing your skin. It also works as a toner that removes blemishes. The cucumber juice works really well to get a skin lightening effect.

Sunflower face mask
Only 2 ingredients would be required in order to make this face pack. First one is milk of around a half cup for soaking purpose and the other one is sunflower seeds or Chirongi. You have to soak the sunflower seeds overnight and grind it in the morning. Now, add a few strands of saffron over it and leave for 5 minutes. You can see the pack is changing the color. Thereafter, you need to apply this mask over your face equally. Do this regularly to get fairer complexion.

Rice with milk face pack
Have you heard about the face pack with rice exclusively? If not, this is the time to know about it and get a surprise. You need to take 2 spoons of rice soaked in milk. Another ingredient will be fresh milk of 2 tablespoons. Take the rice soaked in milk in the grinder and make a paste of the regular granule. Once it puts that in a bowl and mix with 2 tablespoons of milk. Mix them well and apply over your face. You can also add some lemon juice in it. Apply over your face, with scrubbing practice so that the dead skin vanishes. This will be an excellent remedy for glowing skin.

Get fair skin at home with almond oil & milk
How to get a fair skin

Another great combination for your skin will me milk and almond oil. For this you would require powdered milk – 1 tsp, lemon juice- 1 tsp, almond – 1 teaspoon and the same quantity of honey. Take a pack bowl and pour all the ingredients one after another and mix them adequately. Keep this for half an hour and wash with Luke warm water. You can get fair and beautiful skin without tanning effect.

Jasmine flower face masks
You need to pluck some jasmine flower from the tree and get 1 tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of curd. You need to crush fresh Jasmine and mix it with the other ingredients as mentioned. This needs to be applied and kept for 15 minutes. Now you can wash away and see a glowing skin tone.

Natural remedies for fair skin at home
Cinnamomum Subavenium
This is a popular Chinese herb that is used by many beauticians in their products. The name is not known by most of the people, but it works really well in creating skin whitening benefits. This extract is also used in many of the cosmetic products.

This is a chemical composition used for getting skin whitening. Along with getting fair skin this will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You must use this home remedy that remains right in your home to get beautiful and fair skin tone.

Rosewater and gram flour
How to get fairness face

This can be a wonderful remedy for all those who have dark skin. This will be very simple and give you an instant remedy once it is applied. All you have to do is take a small separator and add two spoons of gram flour in it. Now add spoons of rose water in it. Mix it well and apply over your face. Remove with plain water once it is dried.

How to get fairness with pumpkin and milk
You have to take a small portion of the pumpkin and cut it into pieces by getting its skin peeled away. Now add half teaspoon of milk and the same quantity of honey. Now get them in a grinder and make a paste out of it. Apply it over your face and neck along with the hands. Let it stay for 20 minutes and wash it with simple water. This will be an effective remedy of getting fair skin.

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