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Easy And Effective Ways To Remove Holi Colours

How To Remove Holi Colour From Face

The Colorful festival ‘Holi’ has arrived, now you must be preparing mouth watering lavishing gujiyas, chips, sweets and flavored beverages and purchasing colors, water balloons, galloons, etc is on the top priority. But when you go for colors, just make sure you buy chemical free, natural herbal colors.

Besides, you must keep in mind certain tips that will help you in taking out Colors after your Holi Party.

How to remove colors in one wash after playing Holi?

• Apply cold cream or sunscreen all over your skin and body and sit in Sun and remove color with cotton. It will come out easily and then wash your face.

• You can rub sliced lemon over the skin to remove the stains as lemon is a natural bleaching agent it is useful for getting rid of color stains. Leave it for 15 minutes and apply plenty of moisturizer after that.

• Another is, use lukewarm water to take bath with mild moisturizer soap. Do not force clean the stains by vigorous rubbing.

• If there is oil paint on your face, use mustard or coconut oil after that you can rinse off with both hands.

• If you want to remove Gulal or dry color then do not use water as it will only spread the gulal all over your body and makes it stick. You need to try to dust away from the gulal by using dry hands first, and after that use water only when this does not work.

• For washing color off your hair, just use mild herbal shampoo or home-made shampoo. It is better to apply coconut oil before holi in your hair.

• If you want to remove color from your hair, you can take one tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it in a cup of curd, apply this mixture on your scalp and rinse off.

Well, play safe holi and wear comfortable clothes. This is the way Holi can be enjoyed the most.

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